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Our Studio

PTTV supports three entities in a community television partnership--Public, Education and Government, also known as PEG Access. Government and Education users have a separate set of operating rules and broadcast separately from Public programming on channel 98.

Use of Station by Minors

Persons under the age of 18 (“minors”) may use the channel, equipment and facilities providing a parent or guardian assumes written legal and financial responsibility for their use. No minor may use the equipment or facilities unless supervised by an adult member. No minor may sign a production agreement, a program contract, an equipment check-out form or any other PTTV whereby the signer agrees to “hold harmless” PTTV. Any form signed by an underage person is invalid and the parent or guardian of such an underage person will be liable for any damages incurred as a result of an improper signature and will indemnify the City of Port Townsend for any expenses incurred as a result.

Shared Use of the Studio

The Port Townsend School District has first priority use of the PTTV studio when school is actively in session. Exceptions include emergency broadcasting and any Public use during school hours approved by the station manager and the high school video instructor or other School District representative. The Public has open access to the channel under the conditions set forth in these operating rules.

In-Studio Shows

Shows produced in the studio may be live and/or taped. It is the members’ choice and responsibility to let the station manager know their preference in advance of the taping. All participants in programs produced in the studio, other than guests, set designers, make-up artists or other production consultants, must be members of PTTV. Non-member guest hosts are allowed as long as it is not their program they are hosting. Guest host who promote their own point of view must become members in PTTV.


An important part of PTTV’s annual revenue comes from membership fees. We are grateful for the support provided by our paying membership. For this reason, as well as for reasons of fairness, guests may appear on a PTTV show twice in one year after which they will be asked to join PTTV if they wish to appear again.

Equipment Use Fees

In the event that a production created using PTTV equipment is sold, PTTV will be paid 20% of the gross sale price of the video. If copies of the video are sold, PTTV will receive 20% of all gross sales receipts. This money will help with the high cost of equipment maintenance and replacement. Members are asked to file reports quarterly with attached equipment use fees to the City Finance Department.

Port Townsend TV is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Formally, PTTV, it is evolving into a  high quality of professionalism driven by its creative and committed producers. We would love you to join us!